We create spaces tailored to client’s needs.  Building a visual representation of the project allows for adjustments to be made before ever breaking ground.



We take a “Big Picture” approach to transforming spaces. Many projects consist of several layers. Hardscape, Irrigation, Trees, Sod, and Other Flora are scheduled to grow to a finished project. We design spaces to be enjoyed not just upon completion, but for years to come. 

About us

Austin Yard Barber offers a full range of landscape services to help transform your sanctuary into your paradise.

At Austin Yard Barber, we believe in building relationships. In our experience, creating a perfect landscape isn’t a one time endeavor, rather a process that grows and evolves over time reflecting the homeowners needs. Our goal is to be YOUR landscapers, working together to grow an inviting and personalized space, making sure it looks it’s best every step of the way.


 – We always prioritize function over form. Then we get obsessive with that form.


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