Thanks the good folks down at Low Priced Trailers in San Antonio! They outfitted this trailer with trimmer racks and a nifty cooler holder.

Before buying the trailer we made a list of Needs and Wants.


  • Hold 2 yards of aggregate and tools
  • High Sides
  • Lockable
  • Brakes
  • Under $3500


  • Hold 4 yards of aggregate and tools
  • Full steel tubing construction
  • Storage for tools
  • Trimmer Racks
  • Warranty

In the end we got all our needs and most of our wants. The trailer has a large lockable front storage area, a side cargo area, 3 trimmer racks, and a water cooler holder. The sides are angle steel but finding a new trailer with full tubing at the price we wanted was just about impossible. For what we are using it for, this is probably better as the trailer is a bit lighter. If the aggregate happens to be mulch, we can even haul 4 yards.

All this came in right at $3000 after TT&L with a 1 year warranty that even covers wear & tear!

With the busy season right around the corner, this will help us out for clean ups, mulching, paths, bed installs, plant hauling, and that’s just a few of the things we will be using it for. We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to start beating it up a bit.

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